Afflux, 2018
charcoal on paper, each drawing 38″x50″

“Afflux” showcases drawing in relation to motion and illusion, ans acts as an exploration on the idea of encoding history through visual language.

I was initially interested in drawing’s relation to motion as drawing is a bodily movement itself; and the depictions created by drawing are illusions created through bodily movement. I was also inspired by high relief sculpture. I saw relief sculpture as an accordion of forms; a constant push and pull between forms that reach out into the physical world from a flat surface.

This led me to work  with augmented reality apps. With the help of UGA Graduate Assistant of Interactive Media, Zach Ginn, we created an app using marker based tracking that reveals 3D models of the figure when a phone or tablet’s camera is directed towards the drawings. It was a new medium for me to work with and I hope to further use VR to create more refined reliefs in my future work.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021